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Guiding Fishermen & Fisher-Women on Santee Cooper & Wateree Lakes

For Crappie & Catfish!


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Watch Capt Buster & Myself get into some 2 pound Crappie!!

Wateree Lake 3-16-2015


So contact Capt. Buster NOW to

reserve YOUR spot for this FUN time of year!!




Spring 2014

Come along with Captain Buster as he & his Clients get into some HUGE

Blue Cats!




The Videos Below courtesy of:

Bubba Rountree Outdoors!



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"Note from Captain Buster"

"I don't know how much longer that I'm going to guide on Santee Cooper & Wateree Lakes

but I'm going to keep going as long as I can stand it... Lord knows I love it!

There's nothing that I love more than an early morning sunrise on our beautiful

lakes here in central South Carolina!"

So... come and join me for a day (or a couple of days) of fishing and fellowship!

Let's get out there and enjoy God's Creation together while we can!

So, contact me (803) 432-5010 or Email!


Back on Feb. 10th & 11th 2013, My Brother Russell & I

invited 2 'Life-Long' Friends to come down to Santee

for a couple of days of Fishing... The weather was terrible!

But the guys were up for a chance at some huge Blue Cats!

We tore em' up on the nite of the 10th! We caught over

200 LBs of Santee Blue cats in less than 3 hours!


Click the tool cog on the bottom of the video screen to watch in HD /\


We tore em' up again on the morning of February 11th!

We caught another 200++ LBs of Santee Blue cats in just a few hours!




When ever you're on the Goat Island side of Lake Marion &

you need bait... be sure to go by and visit Sam's Lakeside Market at Taw-Caw Creek!

Sam has lot's of other stuff too... Like food, gas & Twinkies!

You're not going to meet a nicer guy in the Taw Caw/Goat Island area of Santee Cooper Lakes!

6909 Wash Davis Rd

Summerton, SC, 29148

(803) 478-8305


There's so much to see on our website! So, scroll down for lot's more links & videos...

Lets Go Fishin'!!  Lets Go Fishin'!!  Lets Go Fishin'!!  Lets Go Fishin'!!  Lets Go Fishin'!!

In 2012 we started taking the video camera with us into the woods!

2013 was a great year for Bubba Rountree Outdoors!

Captain Buster, Josh & Myself were able to get some outstanding

footage while Still hunting & Dog-driving this past season!!

Click HERE to watch in HD!


         Captain Buster keeps a Christian atmosphere on his boat!

You can be sure that his boat will be a safe place to bring the whole family!




Captain Buster with some of his grand-children... & me!


Captain Buster says "Kids Fish Free!"..... With paying adults, children 11 and under FISH FREE!



Rush Guide Service Photo Gallery!

Capt. Buster took the 'Bubba Rountree Outdoors' Crew out for a day of Wateree Slabs!



Full Cooler!


Mrs. Capt. Buster! 'Ms Jean'


Josh & Rachel wore em' out off the front of the boat today!


Josh with a Slab!



Bill Strickland

Wateree Crappie!


Don Farrow Santee Blue Cats


The Don Farrow Group!

11-24-2013 The Howard Party

11-15-2013 Allen's Blue ...

11-15-2013 Orgeron Party

10-24-2013 Clint & Abby.. Nice Santee Crappie ...

10-23-2013 Durban Party

10-17-2013 Hodges Party

10-16-2013 Tim & Randy

10-12-2013 Bridges Party

10-11-2013 Parker Party

10-5-2013 Calvert Party With Santee Crappie ...

10-5-2013 Calvert Party

10-4-2013 Owens Party

10-1-2013 Boster Party

10-1-2013 Nice Mess Of Crappie!

9-30-2013 Trent & Randy

9-29-2013 Billy & Friends

9-29-2013 Billy with some nice Santee Crappie ...

9-28-2013 Moses Party

9-27-2013 Tim & George .. Nice Santee Crappie ...

9-19-2013 Schrader Party

9-13-2013 Davidson Party

9-13-2013 Nice Catfish!

9-09-2013 Sheila Smith Crew & Some huge Santee Crappie!

9-06-2013 Skip & Uncle 'I got a limb' Geroge! Santee Crappie

8-31-2013 Ricky's Crowd Santee Crappie

8-25-2013 Bo & Cliff... 38 LB Bluecat!

8-24-2013 Bo & Cliff's Cooler!

8-07-2013 Nathan & Dale... Bluecats after Dark!

8-07-2013 Nathan & Dale's Cooler!


If you have any questions or comments,

contact Captain Buster here:

or Phone: 803-432-5010


2012/2013/2014 Scouting Cam & Hunting Pics & Videos here.


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